The Kappa Alpha house

by litepink on March 22, 2017

The Kappa Alpha houseThe Kappa Alpha house was celebrating Old South Week, an annual tradition to honor Confederate soldiers who founded the fraternity in 1865 at Washington and Lee University. During the week, fraternity members moved that giant flag to the student union. They donned gray Confederate uniforms and made speeches about the South rising again..

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Voter, here my assessment; based upon the large volume of mail that I receive, I estimate that about one half of one percent of mail is misdirected. That alot. Everyone receives some one elses mail, and it is easy to assume that ones own mail is misdirected as well.

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12 at Vancouver and stopped

by litepink on March 22, 2017

12 at Vancouver and stopped 29 of 31 shots in a 3 2 win against Detroit on Feb. 17 to record his first career NHL victory. The 6 foot 5, 205 pound native of Saskatoon, Sask., was the Wild's sixth round selection (No. And finally, of course, there is the prince of weirdness. When Alonzo Mourning grabbed Rodman in a bear hug and wrestled him to the floor in the second half Monday, did it look like Dennis was enjoying it? Sure did from here. Once a springy, lethal force on the floor, a rebounding fool and a terror on the break, Rodman is obsessed with a tactile messing of minds.

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Catholic schools benefit from converting to charters was a totally inaccurate statement