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by litepink on January 6, 2016

OCD Ward Episode 1,
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As Edwards explains, his fear of contamination means he has to avoid many every day objects and situations: dressed, car door handles, making drinks, shaking hands, walking past people in the street, going to the toilet a big ritual, and drinking as well. All of a sudden I just started picking up all these weird little traits of things that I was doing,
funny cards against humanity, which I didn realise were OCD at the time. Things have got so severe that I got to do something to claw my life back.

Every time Hayley leaves the house she has a checking ritual, ensuring that the front door is securely closed: you walk away you just get these images of her (dog) running after me and a car hits her and I just see her lying under the wheels,
cards againts humanity?, and that why it so hard. If that means doing what she wants, then that it.

It an emotional reunion for the mother and daughter. On seeing her daughter for the first time in years, Tricia mum says: didn realise how ill she is,
where can you get cards against humanity, I knew she was ill, but looking at her. I wash down with a hose and then two hours in the shower. I haven got the energy to do it anymore. That why I don leave the house, it a nightmare.

cards against humanity in store? 314

I rank it up there with national security

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