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by litepink on October 21, 2015

If you live in Aus, I wanted to share with you a candle that I bought online on Etsy which I LOVE and can stop raving about like a crazy cat lady (they don offer world wide shipping just yet :( ). It from Mason Soy, a little company from the South Coast of NSW. I bought the scent Very Vanilla as I thought it was a safe first choice since I can smell the scents before buying them online and I like that uncomplicated true vanilla scent (like what you get from a vanilla bean not that hideous artificial vanilla). When it arrived in it gorgeous blue toned Ball Jar,,, I couldn believe how delicious the scent was. It smells like true vanilla plus condensed milk or really really creamy vanilla ice cream! I just want to grab a spoon and take a bite! The candle sells for $38 gold coins.

Victoria Beckham: Nobody "bends is like" Vicky when it comes to Hermes purses. Easily voted the most avid collector among celebrities, Beckham is rumored to own close to fifty of the handbags. It seems that the white Birkin is among her favorites; she's paired it with white capris and a blue and white nautical mini hoodie, as well as jeans, a poet top, and her caramel boots. The former Spice Girl kicked it up a notch when she was noticed carrying a Himalayan Croc Birkin decked out with diamonds. Her classic black dress and broach paled in comparison to the rare Hermes handbag on her arm.

Styles are unlimited. The big shopping bag style is trendy now and quite easy to make and always practical. The fun with that is having a reason to use bright and colorful fabrics and accents. Small bags can be designed for stylish evenings all the way to inserts for large bags. My favorite handbag to make and to carry is a bolo style bag. It holds a lot,, is comfortable and looks great. My contents are organized in smaller bags that easily switch from one bag to another. If you like hand craft such as embroidery or felting, a handbag is an excellent way to display your art.

I turn a no nonsense eye to my booty. The floral peplum top's cotton nylon spandex is disappointingly flimsy and drapes poorly, and the crooked looking white stitching at the hem seems sloppily dashed off. It looks like it cost even less than its $39.99. The navy skirt of a solid polyester crepe is, at least, lined; its waistband is made of stretchy ribbonlike satin; and it runs slightly small. The mustard animal print skirt is cute,, although the spots is not as crisply printed as one might like. The navy and green pullover's polyester chiffon backing feels very bargain basement, yet the overall effect isn't awful it just runs a bit big. The "Boom" sweatshirt also leans on the large side, but it's super cute and bows to Roy Lichtenstein's brand of pop. Moreover, in the education system where high performance is all that matters, struggling students as well as students with disabilities are often neglected and left behind

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