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by litepink on September 15, 2015

causen epidemias o infecciones es insignificante El temor de que los cad veres originen la propagaci n de infecciones despu s de un desastre natural es infundado en gran medida, y a menudo es motivo de que se d un trato impropio a los cuerpos, lo cual agrava innecesariamente el sufrimiento de familiares y amigos que sobreviven, seg n se ala un art culo cient fico que constituye el primer escrutinio extenso de lo publicado a este respecto. El art culo exploratorio aparece en el n mero de mayo de 2004 de la "Revista Panamericana de Salud P blica/Pan American Journal of Public Health", revista mensual con revisi n de expertos publicada por la Organizaci n Panamericana de la Salud (OPS). "No hay pruebas de que despu s de un desastre natural los cad veres constituyan un riesgo de epidemia",
se ala el art culo escrito por Oliver Morgan, estudiante con grado de investigador de la Escuela Londinense de Higiene y Medicina Tropical (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), quien ha colaborado

fact that consumers have become comfortable with using the Internet to comparison shop and sort through all kinds of purchasing decisions. McCallister said his company is trying to help its members get smarter right from the start about what level of coverage works best for them by providing easy to understand Internet tools, including a Health Budget tool that predicts their health costs for the year. After selecting a plan, members can then register on a website and do a personal health assessment. If a particular problem is noted, a Humana nurse is alerted, who contacts the patient to talk about seeing a doctor. Members can go online to look up quality information on doctors and hospitals in the Humana network, and even use a Humana issued debit card to tap into a health savings account and pay their portion of the bill when they go to see a doctor. All the pieces related to cost and quality are tied into one Internet site. Much of the
information consumers get from their insurance companies is incomprehensible

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Articles Connexes:

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