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by litepink on September 15, 2015

Springfield Man Hollowed Out Bible To Hide Gun Crime Drug Trafficking Instead of reading Bible, Springfield drug dealer hollowed it out to hide his gun SPRINGFIELD, Mass. Police said the Bible didn't save a 32 year old Springfield man from being arrested on drug charges in fact, it led to even more charges against Jimmie "Mook" James. James was observed returning to his apartment in a BMW after what was described as "a drug run" and detained while officers searched his apartment, police said. Police found packaged cocaine, money, scales and other drug paraphernalia inside James' apartment. During the search, a detective noticed a Bible on a nightstand next to James' bed and, thinking that James did not seem like an overly religious person, opened it to find that he had hollowed out the pages of the book to conceal a 9mm Smith Wesson handgun and a magazine containing 10 rounds of ammunition, police said. James was charged with resisting arrest, various traffic violations, refusing to submit

Five Partnerships That Built America Historian and novelist David O. Stewart (The Lincoln Deception, The Summer of 1787) offers a pertinent lesson on James Madison's ability to form working bonds with other founding members of the new American government, even if they did not always see eye to eye. Discreet, generous and non egotistical, unlike others who hammered out the documents that framed the new government, Madison refused to take credit, rather conceding the "work of many hands and many heads" in the forging of the Constitution. Small and soft spoken, he was overshadowed by the more dynamic personalities of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and James
Monroe, yet he was the complement
of their respective qualities, which resulted in brilliant working relationships during the course of Madison's political career. Hamilton and Madison, both in their 30s, recognized that the Articles of Confederation were inadequate for managing the new nation and had to be replaced by a stronger national government. Their energy as "impatient young men" galvanized the other delegates in Philadelphia over "framing a system which we wish to last for ages," while their dozens of newspaper essays (written with John Jay) explaining the Constitutional structure became the incomparable work of political theory, The Federalist Papers. Madison cleverly used the power and prestige of Gen. Washington in consolidating attendance at the Convention and winning votes for the Bill of Rights, and the two largely struck the deal to build a new capital on the Potomac. In Jefferson, Madison found an intellectual kindred spirit and lifelong friend. Monroe served in Jefferson's and Madison's administrations and navigated the Louisiana Purchase and renewed hostility with Britain. Finally, the woman and helpmate Madison found late in life, Dolley, evolved into a winning "Lady Presidentess" and devoted caretaker in his dotage at Montpelier.

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More important for many of you though is the question of whether or not you'll get caught

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