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by litepink on June 22, 2015

Prince William Andrew Strauss Of Course

Before the World Cup in South Africa, financial experts were extolling the virtues of a good World Cup on the British economy, and that a little joy on the football field would do wonders for our economic recovery.

It was always going to be an optimistic assumption, with England having one of their worst World Cups in years. But with a collection of potentially morale boosting events lined up over the next couple of years, can sport and the Royals really lift our country out of economic gloom?

As we come to the end of 2010, The Promotional Gifts Company takes a look at what is coming up in the not too distant future that could give Blighty a good old boost.

25th November 2010 7th January 2011

There are few things we like better than giving the Aussies a damn good thrashing, and to do it in their own back yard would be the icing on the cake. With former Ashes greats queuing up to predict an England win over the old enemy (admittedly most of those are English!) we are in with our best chance of a win on Aussie soil since 1987. So could it be that years of futile performances down under have all been leading up to this one crowning moment that will lift the spirits of a nation? Cue the Elgar.

The World Cup 2018 Announcement

After all the hype,
anticipation, newspaper allegations and ill advised gifts, the announcement for the host of the 2018 World Cup will be made. It is something that England has been waiting for since 1966, and a crack team of bidders has been working hard to secure what would be a momentous event for the country. At times it has appeared like it was England's for the taking, only for us to conjure up new and increasingly imaginative ways to throw a spanner in the works, with newspaper allegations of corruption and the head of the bid team stepping down not helping matters.

But still we fight on, and on December 2nd we will finally find out if we have managed to overcome our own incompetence and secure those all important votes. After all, it wouldn't be British
if we had it our own way and won without adversity, so let's hope that FIFA see sense and award the World Cup to England.

The famously erratic English Rugby team will take to the field in New Zealand next year and hope to emulate the last two competitions where they have reached the final.
A World Cup victory would be just what the
needs, and another final win against Australia would put the icing on
the cake.

Should the World Cup 2018 bid not go to plan, at least we still have the Olympics to look forward to. The summer of 2012 will see the best athletes in the World converge on London for what promises to be the highlight of the sporting calendar. With a promising crop of youngsters eyeing medal success at the games, Britain has high hopes of not only putting on a good show, but also coming away with plenty of rare metal around athletes necks.

So, if a World Cup victory was going to inspire a nation out of economic gloom, imagine what this little lot could do. There's no doubt that businesses need a well deserved boost and
the feel good factor attached to national pride and success can prove to be a huge economic stimulus. Let's hope that success on the sports field and a bit of
national joy can set the business world up for a successful two years to come.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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