What was in this couple’s kitchen

by litepink on December 31, 2014

What was in this couple's kitchen that caused him to get so sick?After conferring with researchers at the Centers for Disease Control, doctors at Baptist DeSoto determined Jay had contracted botulism.(WMC) A Horn Lake, Mississippi man is fighting to stay alive after his wife says one bad bite of food destroyed their lives. Mid South doctors had never seen a case like this before; it is a condition so rare, they contacted the Department of Homeland Security."One thing he ate changed our entire lives," said Amanda Killen."This is the first I been able to feed myself," said Jay.Around Thanksgiving, in 2011, Jay got sick."I thought I was having a stroke or something," he explained.So did doctors in the emergency room.He was unable to move or even breathe; Jay was hooked up to a ventilator and placed in intensive care. By day six, doctors prepared to declare the 40 something former construction worker brain dead."He took me right outside the room and said, have to tell you, that it doesn look good, " said his wife.Paralyzed and unable to speak, Jay was desperate to let everyone know he was awake and aware of his dire circumstances."I said please! Please help me show them I here.

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Teacher-educators say part of additional hints the reason is that they're still trying to locate other sources of data to help them interpret the results

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