Do we try and fix it and make

by litepink on August 29, 2012

Do we try and fix it and make it more efficient, of course.Hart Guy, I think one thing that you might want to try is more internet services so you don need to wait in line as much. You might be a little less cynical as a result.mwk, there are inefficiencies and lazy overpaid workers in both private business and in government, but it is far easier to deal with inefficiencies and lazy workers in the private sector. I seen both sides, as long ago I worked in Government!Attempts to deal with inefficiencies and lazy workers in the public sector are all to often met with howls of outrage and cries of derision! Some of my former coworkers greatest attribute was their ability to look busy while doing as little as was humanly possible! The concept of honest day work for an honest day pay completed escaped them!.

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Despite his solitary vocation, frey's dress on almost every workday is formal today, he's wearing a light-blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled tightly above the elbows, gray slacks, and blue-brown tie

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