I think it was when I started collecting

by litepink on August 29, 2011

Greatest asset: I think it was when I started collecting Lamar Dodd's artwork. Of course I still love flowers and the business, but this art world is just unreal to me. Mr. Hector (thank you wikipedia) is Aisha greek husband. The couple host a BBQ to celebrate Hector turning 40. It at this gathering of friends and family that the ratty child of two of their guests receives a whopping slap.

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So maybe it's justice that a federal judge cornered Cosby with his own reputation. The comedian fought for privacy against the Associated Press' request to see a deposition Cosby gave in a 2005 civil suit. The AP argued the public had a right to see the decade old document to see what it might reveal in light of repeated complaints of sexual abuse..

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