Anyone who attended the East

by litepink on March 22, 2011

Anyone who attended the East Kentwood Rockford clash Friday night, knows full well how Noah must have felt when he boarded the Ark! Three by three, in clenched arm formation, the Falcons from East Kentwood entered the arena. A fierce wind swirling around them, and rains in biblical proportion gave way to what would be an eerie evening. Clouds bolted to black, and the only thing illuminating the night was the stadium lights.

All the while Nama is supposed to help social and community projects. What a rotten crowd. Another example of the Dublin appeal is that when Dublin is playing a big live match in Croke Park there is competition between the TV stations to show the game, even if the numbers watching on Sky are dismal in the extreme..

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71 Dean Steinkuhler, No. 75 Larry Jacobson, No. 75 Will Shields, No. And was happy to have just squeezed in the win from Wally Zilm in C grade. It was not to be. Playing off the wrong handicap soon had seen Remphrey disqualified, thus allowing Reece Fowler to sneak into the Ball Winner's list..

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