I have no indication from anyone

by litepink on July 29, 2010

And yet, I have no indication from anyone that Brendan Shanahan has any inclination to fire Dave Nonis. If Nonis did get fired, the Leafs would have Shanahan, a first year president, with Hunter, a first year NHL executive, Kyle Dubas and Brandon Pridham, first year front office people. Hardly encouraging.

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Jim Ingram writes: Bill: I noticed a comment about the HD screen at the stadium and enhancements in the future. Pass along to Mr. Felton that they could make it a 2 sided board for the many Georgia fans that are unable to get tickets or afford tickets on the secondary market.

Double Down Hoe Down downhill mountain bike race, March 23 24: Part of the all gravity series, at Beacon Hill Camp Sekani in Spokane. Other events: June 14 16 at Silver Mountain, Aug. 16 18 at Whitefish, Sept. REACTION: "The Tories and Liberals ignored the size of the knock on effect of public spending cuts on economic growth. Between them they allowed (George) Osborne to tank the economy. It is doubtful that even Osborne would have cut public spending when he did in 2010 if he had any idea of the damage and misery his budget judgment would cause.
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