Hungry for Muggs?

by litepink on April 19, 2009

Why there is a "Food" category here on is beyond me, but apparently there are customs out there that fit the bill! We have multiple muggs that we are featuring today.


Ronald McDonald Mugg- The world premiere of the Ronald mugg, right here on! Ronald is not only the face of McDonald's, he is a part of pop culture. Nowadays Ronald is more concerned about playing soccer and being active, but will always be there to peddle burgers to the young ones. Sleep with one eye open, because this mugg will be appearing in your window tonight. 

Jack in the Box- Ronald may be more popular, but Jack is not only the mascot, but also the CEO of Jack in the Box! Although he was "blown up" a few decades ago, Jack was resurrected through the magic of plastic surgery.  Years later, Jack was hit by a bus and went into a comatose state. When it appeared that all restaurants were going to become "Phil in the Box", Jack woke up to take the helm once again! I hope we see a bed stricken, comatose mugg of Jack sometime. Link

McDonald's Food Custom- What is this mugg of exactly? What purpose does it serve? No one seems to know, but coincidently ever since it has been spotted McDonald's profits have been through the roof. Link






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